Sharing Love and Light!

       I like to create things that will inspire others to be more mindful. That's what this shop is for. Products that allow us to become more aware, peaceful and present.

         I started Astral Attic Art in 2013. This business was birthed out of my necessity to create and is fueled by my spirituality, activism and passion. Deeply rooted in my yogic practice and philosophies of life, I mostly create things revolved around that. Everything is handmade or hand-painted by yours truly.  I have no staff. I am a one woman show and feel totally empowered being my own boss. What you see here was made with my two rugged and worn hands with total devotion and love. I try my very best to be as sustainable as possible. I am considered a sustainable printer. I don't throw any of my paints down the drain, and use water based acrylic inks. I recycle, and reuse paper. In fact it's one of the many ways I collage my mixed media pieces. And all these things are done in my little duplex home attic art studio. Hence the name Astral "Attic" Art! 

          My shop is for the yogi, light worker, healer, seeker, and peace keeper, or anyone who loves color and beauty for that matter. :) I'm hoping for the future, that my business grows and grows, so that soon I can be doing it more as a full time way of life. This is my dream.

         Thank you all so much for your support! :)

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